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Tripura Govt issued directive to employees to be punctual in government offices and warns of action !

Tripura government has issued a directive to its employees, urging them to ensure consistent attendance at their workplaces.

The notice, signed by Abhishek Singh, the Government secretary highlights that employees across different departments, offices, and public sector undertakings have not been demonstrating the required level of commitment in terms of punctuality and regular attendance.

The government has cautioned that action may be taken against those employees who fail to comply with this instruction.

The notice issued on Thursday directs employees to be in the offices till 5.30 pm on all working days.

The notice says, “The employees are required to arrive at the office punctually to ensure that the public can receive their service promptly at 10:00 AM on all working days.

Likewise, it is essential that no one leaves the office before 5:30 PM during working hours unless they have valid and unavoidable reasons, and they must inform the controlling authority beforehand in any circumstance.”

The notice added that if any employee fails to comply with these instructions, the Department will take appropriate action against the employee.


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