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3,90,735 rural households given drinking water connections in Tripura

The Drinking Water and Sanitation Department is working on wartime activities aimed at bringing purified drinking water to households living in rural areas.

Minister of Drinking Water and Sanitation Department Sushanta Chowdhury gave detailed information about the implementation of Jal Jeevan Mission in a press conference at the Secretariat today.

He said that Jal Jeevan Mission project was launched in 2019.

So far out of a total of 7,41945 families in the rural areas of Tripura, 366,233 families have received the benefits of this scheme.
He said that before the launch of the state Jal Jeevan Mission project, 24,502 families in the rural areas of Tripura had piped drinking water connections.

A total of 3,90,735 households have been supplied with purified drinking water, before and after the launch of Jal Jeevan Mission.

Sushanta Chowdhury said that there are a total of 8,710 neighborhoods in the entire rural area. of Tripura.

Among these, around 1238 neighborhoods got 100 percent purified water connection and 610 neighborhoods got 90-100 percent drinking water connection through pipes.

The minister further said that among the total 1,176 Gram Panchayats and Village Committees, 29 Gram Panchayats and Village Committees have been provided 100 percent drinking water through pipes.

Besides, the drinking water and sanitation minister said that bringing drinking water connections through pipes to the rest of the Gram Panchayats and Village Committees is going on at full speed.


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