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4 Flights Unable to land in Agartala due to bad weather

The repercussions of Cyclone “Midhili” in the Northwest Bay of Bengal resulted in considerable disruptions to air services in Tripura on Friday.

A total of 5 flights were canceled, and 4 flights attempting to enter Agartala airspace had to divert.

Several flights were unable to land at MBB airport which was particularly affected by the inclement weather on Friday

IndiGo flight 6E5022 from Delhi has failed to land at Agartala and returned to Kolkata.

IndiGo flight 6E457 from Guwahati failed to land at Agartala and returned to Kolkata.

IndiGo flight 6E198 from Kolkata to Agartala failed to land and returned to Kolkata.

Aaksha flight AKJ1323 from Guwahati is circling over Agartala and returned

All the planes circled Agartala for a long time but could not land due to lack of visibility and heavy rain. Besides, all the international flights of important international routes in the air of Agartala are diverted at this moment Changing to another route.

Upon being informed of the flight cancellations, Transport Minister Sushanta Chowdhury promptly intervened, and directed senior officials of the Transport Department to visit the airport and make necessary arrangements for the affected passengers.

In swift response to the minister’s instructions, large buses were sent to the airport to transport the passengers affected by the flight cancellations.

Officials from the Transport Department were stationed at the airport, actively attending to the concerns and resolving issues faced by stranded passengers. The quick action aimed to alleviate the inconvenience caused by the disrupted flights.

The unfavorable weather conditions created by the cyclone have presented difficulties for air travel, while the Transport Ministry’s prompt response has guaranteed the well-being and convenience of affected people.

The initiatives to aid stranded passengers illustrate the government’s dedication to handling the disruptions caused by Cyclone “Midhili” and prioritizing the safety and welfare of the public amid this challenging weather event.


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