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At Last Health Dept sends team to Gandachhera: Malaria outbreak

At Last Health Depertment sends team to Gandachhera: Malaria outbreak.

Malaria outbreak has claimed the lives of six persons in Tripura with Dhalai district being worst-hit from the disease, State Health Minister Sudip Roy Burman stated in Agartala Monday. The minister, however, claimed that the ‘epidemic’ has been controlled with merely 0.42 per cent casualty rate amongst malaria-infected patients.

“The spike in malaria cases might have been caused by an early monsoon. There was scope for mosquito breeding in the stagnant water”, Roy Barman said.

Those who succumbed to the malaria outbreak include a 26-year-old female and five children who were below 10 years of age. More than one lakh people were screened in different hospitals and healthcare institutions across the state in the last six months. Among them, 7,991 were found infected with malaria, 40 with Japanese Encephalitis, 40 with dengue, 49 patients were found suffering from chikungunya and a patient suffering with swine flu.


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