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ByePoll: TIPRA Motha holds talks with Left-Congress

Tipra Motha, CPIM and Congress have united in a joint effort to combat the BJP in the upcoming by-elections scheduled for September 5th.

After a closed-door meeting between these parties, Pradesh Congress President Ashish Kumar Saha highlighted information about the collaborative stance.

As the days are passing by, anticipation for the by-elections in Tripura’s Dhanpur and Boxanagar Assembly constituencies is intensifying.

All political parties are actively gearing up for the by-election and have commenced their involvement in the process. Sequential gatherings are being organized with a focus on the upcoming by-elections.

In a confidential session on Saturday, the three opposition parties convened to strategize against the ruling BJP. At the conclusion of the meeting, Ashish Kumar Saha, the State President of Congress, stated that the leaders from CPIM, Congress, and Tipra Motha concurred on a unified effort to counter the BJP.

Their primary objective is to defeat the ruling party BJP in the upcoming by-elections.
The Congress party on Sunday will hold an organizational meeting in Sonamura to discuss this issue in detailed manner at the party level.

MLA Sudip Roy Barman, Leader of Opposition Animesh Debbarma, Congress President Ashish Kumar Saha, MLA Gopal Chandra Roy, MLA Jitendra Choudhury, and former Minister Manik Deb were present in the meeting.


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