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CEO inspects counting halls, security arrangements

While visiting the counting center at Umakanta Academy on Tuesday in Agartala, Tripura Chief Electoral Officer Kiran Gitte said that the counting of postal ballots of the Tripura assembly elections will start at 8 am on March 2.

He added that the counting of EVM will begin from 8:30 AM even if the counting of postal ballots are not complete.

CEO Gitte said that the returning officers are finalizing the preparations in 21 counting centers in Tripura.

He added that counting of 14 assembly constituencies including Jirania and Mohanpur divisions will be held at Umakanta Academy in Agartala.

The CEO further said that a media center and temporary restrooms for observers and candidates have been set up at the counting centers.

Gitte added that 21 counting observers who arrived on Tuesday will perform duties in all centers on March 2 while each table in the counting center will have 1 micro observer.

He added that the counting agents and counting supervisors will give the report to the returning officers, whereas the micro observer will give his report to the observers.

After monitoring these reports, the results will be shared with the media after each round on the day of counting. Gitte appealed to everyone to avoid unnecessary rushing outside counting centers.


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