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CM, Govt’s support enables successful pacemaker replacement for Rinki, bringing hope for a promising recovery

Agartala: June 05. Miss Rinki Debnath is currently in a state of promising recovery after receiving exceptional support from the Tripura Government, led by Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha. Through their commendable efforts, they successfully facilitated a crucial pacemaker replacement procedure for Miss Debnath, who is the daughter of Sri Manku Debnath from Chittamara, located in the enchanting Belonia Subdivision of South Tripura District.
The government’s efficient and attentive approach has undoubtedly contributed to Miss Debnath’s improved health and well-being.
Father of Rinki made a request to the Government for such facilitation for his daughter and by the grace of Maa Tripurasundari the state government under the leadership of CM Dr Saha and GB Pant hospital could help Rinki.

The complex Permanent Pacemaker implantation procedure was successfully done in Department of Cardiology AGMC and GBP hospital.

Entire procedure was done completely free of cost under ABPMJAY (RKS Pharmacy, AGMC) with the support of Medical superintendent AGMC. She was discharged on May 22.
Under the astute leadership of Chief Minister Dr. Saha, who took charge as the Health Minister, the commendable strides made in the health department have brought about a transformative change in the lives of people.
The dedication and visionary approach of Dr. Saha have propelled the health sector to new heights, ensuring that individuals from various locations now have access to essential facilities and government assistance.

The health department, under the guidance of Dr. Saha, has blossomed into a hub of innovation and excellence. With a steadfast commitment to improving the well-being of citizens, the department has implemented a plethora of initiatives that have enhanced the quality and accessibility of healthcare services. Through the tireless efforts of Dr. Saha and his team, state has witnessed a remarkable transformation in the delivery of healthcare.


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