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CM urges to embrace plastic-free lifestyle, promote tree plantation for a greener future

Agartala: June 05. Chief Minister Prof. Dr. Manik Saha on Monday made an impassioned appeal to the people of the state to refrain from using plastic in order to protect the environment.

The Chief Minister today attended ‘Tree Plantation and Safai Aviyan’ in connection with World Environment Day in Maharaj Ganja Bazar in Agartala.

Emphasizing the importance of environmental preservation, the Chief Minister stated that our survival would be at stake if we fail to take care of our surroundings and this year, the slogan of World Environment Day is ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’ to raise awareness about the harmful effects of plastic usage.

“Plastic is a disaster because it is non-degradable and contributes to blockages in drains, leading to floods. I want to urge all citizens of Tripura to stop using plastic. The state does not have any plastic manufacturing facilities, and plastic products are imported from outside. In 2022, the government explored alternative options to replace plastic. They introduced cloth bags and degradable products as substitutes, encouraging people to utilize them in order to completely eliminate the problem of plastic waste. We all should avoid using of plastics”, said the Chief Minister.
The Chief Minister stressed the importance of collectively avoiding the use of plastics.
Additionally, he emphasized the significance of tree plantation in reducing pollution and maintaining ecological balance.

The Chief Minister urged everyone to actively participate in tree-planting initiatives and refrain from cutting down trees. The government is actively involved in tree plantation efforts and will continue to prioritize this in the future.

“Plantation of trees is also our duty and if we plant trees, it helps in reducing pollution and would maintain the ecological balance. I want to urge everyone to plant trees as much as possible. Our government is working to plant trees and in the coming days too we will do. We will not tolerate if anyone found destroying trees. In our state, two third areas are covered by forest and that is why apart from other states the environment is good here and pollution is also less. The government has already instructed forest officials to ensure a balanced approach to tree management”, said the Chief Minister.

During the program, Mayor of Agartala Municipal Corporation Dipak Majumder, Deputy Mayor Manika Das Datta and other officials were present.


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