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Govt hikes daily wages for seasonal Agri workers

The daily wages of all seasonal laborers employed under the Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare across the state have been increased to Rs 385 from now.

Ratanlal Nath, Minister of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Department said this in a press conference organised in his office room at the Secretariat on Monday evening.

He said that there are a total of 1321 seasonal laborers in the agriculture and horticulture department in the entire state. Ratanlal Nath added, “There are 715 workers under the Agriculture Department and 606 workers under the Horticulture Department.

All of them will get a daily wage of 385 rupees from now. This decision has been made effective from 1st April 2023.”

The Agriculture Minister said that he visited the Horticulture Research Complex at Nagichara on April 20 and came to know about the wages of seasonal workers and understood the issue of increasing their wages.

He expressed hope that the people of the labour community will benefit a lot as a result of this wage increase.

In response to a question from the journalists, he said, “Currently the total demand of food grains in the state is 9 lakh 37 thousand metric tons. The production of food grains is 8 lakh 71 thousand metric tons.”

Nath added that the production in 2017-18 financial year was 8 lakh 50 thousand metric tons. He also said that in the last five years, various agricultural products such as jackfruit, ginger, betel leaf, lemon etc. have been exported abroad and foreign countries under the initiative of the department, which helped to earn 18 crore foreign currency.


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