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Intern doctors of TMC declared indefinite strike demanding honorarium hike

The intern doctors of Tripura Medical College have protested against college authority on Monday.

They staged a protest demanding an increase in honorarium in front of Tripura Medical College.

The protestors alleged that their honorarium not been increased for the last 4 years. They said that they are not getting any extra payment for over time. They are receiving Rs 12,500, as Rs 2,000 is being deducted from Rs 14,500, the honorarium from past 4 years, which is not sufficient for survival in the current market.

They need to visit nearby hospitals as well as Madhupur to provide healthcare services, which costs a lot of money.

The intern doctors said that they have complained to authorities regarding the issue on various occasions.

However, the college authorities claimed that they do not have sufficient funds and avoided the issue.

Protesters said that intern doctors in other colleges are getting 21 thousand rupees, whereas they are getting only 14 thousand, which deprived their rights.

Therefore, the intern doctors of Tripura Medical College have decided to stop work till the administration does not take any step to increase their honorarium.

The intern doctors have announced an indefinite strike, which disrupted the hospital services.


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