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MP Rebati Tripura & Minister Pranjit Singha Roy hoped a huge margin win of BJP in Surma constituency

MP Rebati Tripura and Pranjit Singha Roy Minister for Agriculture and Farmers Welfare urged the people of Surma constituency to vote for Surma’s BJP candidate based on the development done by BJP-IPFT coalition government in the last four years.

They said that electing BJP in the assembly constituency will accelerate the development and help in keeping the peaceful and harmonious atmosphere intact in the state.

Both strongly criticized the TIPRA Motha’s fierce racism and intolerance, which is impeding the development as well as destroying peace.

They also said that TIPRA Motha is attempting to create instability in the state by putting forward the unreasonable demand of a separate state (Greater Tipraland) where the BJP government is trying to flourish unity.

The terrifying and destructive mentality of Motha is its core consciousness, which is destroying peace and harmony. Although they are talking about the tribes, they are attacking Tiprasa people with Tiprasa people.

Both speakers hoped that the people of Surma would support the BJP candidate to win with a huge margin from each booth to thwart the efforts of TIPRA Motha.


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