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The State of Tripura has been facing insurgency for last few decades. The insurgency was initially being spearheaded by Tripura National Volunteers (TNV) and All Tripura Tiger Force (ATTF), who later on surrendered before the Security Forces in 1988 when tripartite agreement was signed. Thereafter the Cadres of “National Liberation Front of Twipra (NLFT)” further resumed insurgency since the year 1989.

In recent past, in view of intensified Counter Insurgency endeavors by the State Security Apparatus & Central Government Agencies, supported by some other factors, the Indian Insurgent Groups, particularly the members of NLFT (BM) have become disillusioned from the insurgency movement and have started sending signals for joining the mainstream.

One such listed and active NLFT (BM) Cadre namely Jaiba Kaloi @ Litan Jamatia @ Chalai S/o Sadhana Nanda Kaloi R/o Hallubari, PS- Ompi, Gomati (Tripura), who claims to be presently holding rank of Self-Styled Lieutenant in their organization has surrendered before BSF in presence of Shri Susanta Kumar Nath, IPS, Inspector General Tripura, other Senior BSF Officers and Media personnel today morning i.e. on 18th Oct, 2021.

Jaiba Kaloi reportedly joined the NLFT (BM) Outfit in the year 1998 and has been continuing to be its active member since then. As on date, he has been listed as an active cadre of NLFT (BM) as per the list published by State Govt.

It is pertinent to mention here that NLFT (BM) Commander Jaiba Kaloi had not seen his parents since his joining the NLFT Group in 1998. Finally today, he has got this opportunity of “Ghar Wapsi” and meeting his old aged parents after more than 23 years.

His renunciation of violent insurgent activities and joining mainstream to maintain a happy & peaceful life should encourage other insurgents to follow his path.

In the recent years, large numbers of NLFT (BM) Cadres have surrendered before BSF and other SFs, which indicates their eagerness to renunciate violence and join the main stream. It may be noticed that 05 Insurgents of NLFT (BM) had surrendered before BSF Tripura in Year 2017, followed by 12 Insurgents in Year 2018, 03 Insurgents in the Year 2019 & 03 Insurgents in 2020 (Altogether 23 Insurgents of NLFT).
BSF Tripura Frontier would be more than happy to support any such attempt by any insurgents to join the mainstream in future.


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