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ONGC’s negotiation Business: New Head in

Sources claimed that the “Boss” in charge of negotiating all contractual works related to ONGC have been replaced.

A prominent figure from Agartala has taken over the responsibility and has already begun executing various tasks such as establishing close connections with all associated stakeholders.

Each fiscal year, ONGC provides various work orders worth crores of rupees. However, several tiers of brokers are involved in the entire process, resulting in a significant sum of money being pocketed by a group of powerful individuals who oversee the said negotiation business.

The recent change in leadership has caused anxiety among all the parties involved, which has resulted in the emergence of several new groups of contractors and traders.

In the past, local MLA used to be in charge of these activities. Although this nexus of corruption and its associates was formed during the Left regime, still it continues till date.


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