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Public Inconvenience On The Very First Day

After a long wait of many decades, finally the New Terminal Building of Agartala AirPort, MBB Airport got opened for general passengers on Saturday.

The big thing of the day 1 is it was full of mixed public experiences. Where the excited boarding passengers were busy in enjoying the inside ambience, clicking selfies and photos inside the NITB; on the other hand arrived passengers have to reached their homes by walking on foot directly from the exit gate of the NTB after not getting any car, taxies or autos in the parking zone.

The reason behind this was the massive protest done by the disappointed local auto drivers by blocking the main road to the airport.

They protested for not getting free parking spaces for picking passengers where they been recorded alleging the airport authority for snatching away their income source and discriminating with them.

They demanded in a rowdy way on camera for providing them proper parking space which should be of tax free for picking passengers from the airport.

Due to their crude behaviour and non-professional stand today, the passengers have to carried their bags and baggage over their heads to reach home and hotels from the airport.

This incident has already aroused heavy resentment in the intellectual and political minds of the state.

The authorities have assured their stands for soon taking some proper action against those agitators and local auto union leaders for today’s commutation havoc in the airport’s periphery.


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