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Restrictions on public movement in Indo-Bangladesh border areas of Unakoti district

In order to maintain law and order, peace and stability in India-Bangladesh border area of Unakoti

District, the District Magistrate has imposed some restrictions on public movement in the area up to 3 krn from the India-Bangladesh border of Unakoti District till April 30 This restriction came into effect from February 1.

The District Magistrate said in the order that this restriction under Section 144 of CrPC will be in force from 6 pm to 6 am the next day.

The order informed that not more than 5 people can gather at one place in the mentioned area. No person shall carry bows and arrows, sticks, sharp bamboos, bicycle chains, iron rods, knives, firearms explosives etc. Restrictions on movement of persons engaged in law enforcement, TSR, BSF. Assam Rifles.

Persons authorised by District Administration and Legislature authorized by Law enforcement authorities, people with need of immediate medical aids and purchase of life-saving medicines are exempted. According to the order, legal action will be taken against those who violate the order.


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