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State has sufficient stock of essential commodities including POL products

A few local dailies have reported that some parts of the national highway NH-8 at Atharmura have become unfit for traffic due to heavy rains, and there may be a shortage of petroleum products and other daily necessities in the state.

The related news has come to the attention of the state government. In this regard, the director of the state government’s department of food, public consumption and consumer interest said in a press release for the information of the people of the state that the communication system of the state with the outside state by rail is completely normal at present.

There are adequate stocks of daily necessities including Petrol, Diesel, potatoes and onions etc.

According to the latest news, traffic on the national highway has been fully restored.

The state government requested all the people not to panic in the emerging situation and refrain from buying extra items due to fear.


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