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Tipra Motha to sit in the Opposition in Tripura

Pradyot Kishore Debbarman could not become a king maker. He wanted to be a king maker or a king.

Pradyot Kishore has understood that it is difficult to take over the Legislative Assembly even after coming to power after defeating the then ruling party in TTAADC.

TIPRA Motha fielded candidates in 42 constituencies, whereas won only in 13 constituencies.

However, it is clear from the poll results that the people can no longer be fooled by dreaming of a separate state.

The candidates of TIPRA Motha have won some seats by showing the dream of Greater Tipraland.

However, these leaders could no longer trust Pradyot when he said that he would quit politics.

It is a foregone conclusion that Pradyot Kishore will not be able to retain these winning MLAs in the end even if they get some seats.

Pradyot has further isolated himself from the people by announcing the last fight. Now it is predictable that he will not stay in the state for long.


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