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Tripura: Headlines Tripura & Jan Ki Baat’s Opinion Poll/ Exit poll exactly matched with Poll Results

Senior Journalist and Headlines Tripura Editor Pranab Sarkar shared a press release regarding effectiveness of opinion poll survey conducted by Headlines Tripura.

It is stated that public opinion survey and after Poll booth return survey conducted by Headlines Tripura and Jan Ki Baat exactly matched with the Poll Results.

Headlines Tripura conducted two consecutive polls and booth returns with Jan Ki Baat in Tripura. Headlines Tripura conducted a public opinion survey and booth return survey for the 2018 as well as 2023 assembly elections.

Headlines Tripura in the opinion poll said that the BJP coalition government will get 44 seats in 2018, which exactly matched with the election results.

In the 2023 assembly elections, opinion polls and booth return polls predicted that the BJP coalition government would get 30 to 35 seats.
The results showed that the BJP coalition government won 33 seats.

Headlines Tripura has decided to continue such public opinion surveys also during the coming days.


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