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To strengthen the base of rural economy co-operation has a leading role: Minister of Cooperation

Cooperation has a leading role in strengthening the base of rural economy. Employment opportunities can be created in rural areas through Cooperation. Cooperation should be used to exploit this potential. Cooperation Minister Shukla Charan Noatia said this at Dhalai district-level review meeting of the Cooperation Department yesterday. In the review meeting, the Minister of Cooperation enquired in detail about LAMPS, PACS and Primary Marketing Society of Dhalai district. He emphasized on making the LAMPS, PACS and Primary Marketing Societies of the district to be more effective.

In the review meeting, the Minister of Cooperation said that to strengthen the Cooperation in Dhalai district, a district-level review meeting should be held every three months.

Joint Director of Cooperation Department Nikhil Chakraborty said in the meeting that there are currently 330 societies in Dhalai district. Besides, there are 21 PACS and 9 LAMPS. There is I Primary Co-operative Society. Besides, there are 299 fisheries, dairy and other Cooperative societies in the district. The review meeting was attended by Vice Chairperson of Ambassa Municipal Council Gopal Sutradhar, Director of Cooperation Department S. Mog and other officials of the Cooperation Department.

In the review meeting, representatives of various LAMPS and PACS of Dhalai district

participated in the discussion After the review meeting, Minister of Cooperation Shukla Charan Noatia visited Kulai PACS and PACS’s under-construction godown and interacted with PACS representatives. Moreover, the Minister of Cooperation visited Kamalpur Primary Marketing Society’s Biofloc and Advanced Fisheries Project.


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