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Transport Minister inaugurates Commissionerate of Transport Office

Improved communication systems are the main platform for the development of a state.
The more advanced the communication system of the state, the more affected the economic development of the state.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given special attention to the development of communication systems in the North Eastern states.

We are also moving forward following the path of the Prime Minister. However, the current state government has taken various initiatives to increase connectivity not only by road, but also by water, rail and air.

Transport Minister Pranjit Singha Ray said this while inaugurating the state’s first Commissionerate of Transport Office and West District Transport Office at Astabal Transport Building at Agartala on Friday.

He said, “Earlier there was no Directorate of Transport or Commissionerate of Transport office in the Transport Department. The work of the transport department was managed by the secretariat. The opening of these two offices will benefit the transport owners, drivers, motor workers and common citizens”.


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