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Tripura Double Murder case: Prime suspect arrested, sent to five day PR

An accused of the dual murder case of Bodhjungnagar has been arrested on Monday. His name is Rohit Kumar Sinha. His house is in the Buddhamandir area.

Police produced him in court on Monday. Police said that he confessed his involvement in the murder during interrogation.

It has been reported that two people were killed on Sunday night.

There are several eyewitnesses to this incident. Police are investigating whether anyone else is involved in the incident.

According to the police, the accused admitted that the two were killed. Then, the two bodies were brought to a secluded area of DC para to destroy the evidence.

Rohit Sinha said that he himself is a drug addict. He was interrogated regularly to find out about the whole incident.

This incident has caused a strong reaction in the well-wishers of this state.

It is noted that a number of drug rehabilitation centers have sprung up in the heart of Agartala.


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