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Tripura Police Flagged Off Mobile Bio Toilet

Tripura Police has launched a Mobile Bio Toilet on Friday afternoon for all the staff of Tripura Police who are working in the field from morning till night.

The mobile Bio-Toilet has been flagged off by the Director General of Police, Tripura Shri V.S. Yadav, IPS.

The need for a Mobile Bio-Toilet was felt some long back as the requirement was projected, the requisite fund was sanctioned from the Road Safety Found by Transport Department.

There are two separate units inside the Mobile Bio Toilet Van-one to be used by men and another to be used by the ladies.

There is an overhead water tank, a Bio Toilet tank with the digester, wash basin, stainless steel commode, exhaust fans etc. inside the vehicle.

The lights, fans etc. would function on solar energy. The interior has been designed in such a way that there is enough light and free flow of air to keep it hygienic inside. It is expected that the Mobile Bio Toilet would be useful for one and all.

This Mobile Bio Toilet will be useful to all Police Personnel. It will be stationed at convenient points in the city and will move as per requirement. It will be available throughout duty hours.


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