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Tripura’s Rajya Sabha MP Biplab Deb Draws Attention Of Jyotiraditya M Scindia To Start Second Airport In Kailashahar

Tripura Government has always drawn the attention of the Central Government for the overall development of the state.

After the coalition government came to power in the state, several steps were taken with the help of the central government, especially the rapid expansion of the communication system, in view of which the people of the state are enjoying its benefits.

However, there is no end to the state government’s efforts in this regard.
Several elected MPs of the ruling party have already presented various proposals on various important topics of the state in the Parliament.

Among them, Former Chief Minister and MP Biplab Kumar Deb on Monday raised the issue of Kailashahar airport to improve the inter-state aviation system.

On this day in the winter session of the Parliament, the attention of Union Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia was drawn to the speedy implementation of Kailashahar Airport.

In response to Deb’s question, the departmental Union Minister responded.
In this context, the MP Biplab Deb said in his tweet, “I have full faith, with the sincere vision of Modi ji in the development of the Northeast and the united efforts of Jyotiraditya ji, the work of the airport will be started soon”.
Notably, the people of the state are naturally happy due to the discussion on this issue in the parliament.

During the regime of the previous government, especially the MPs did not talk about the issues related to the interest of the state for the development of the state.

The current MPs are bringing various important issues to the attention of the central government due to which the people of the state are being benefited and the state is being developed.


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