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TW Minister inaugurated 150 seated Eklavya Model Residential School at Rajnagar

Nations cannot develop without education.
Realizing the importance of the matter, the present government of Tripura has laid maximum emphasis on the development of the education system of the state.

Tribal welfare Minister Rampada Jamatia said this while inaugurating a newly constructed two-storey girl’s hostel in an Eklavya Model Residential School in Rajnagar, Tulashikhar Rock through a ceremony.

The hostel has a capacity of 150 students.
Minister Rampada Jamatia said that the state government is giving special importance not only to the development of the infrastructure of the education system, but also to the spread of quality education.

He also appealed to the people of all sections of the society to co-operate with the state government in this work.

He said, if the present generation is educated in quality education, people from all sections of the society will enjoy its benefits.

The present government of the center and the state has given the approval of the establishment of 18 Eklavya model residential schools in Tripura.

It is proof that the government is committed to develop the society in the state.
The construction work of 10 of the 18 schools is already in progress.


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