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You’re generous by nature, Ram, but that can be as great a detriment as a merit. On Tuesday, September 18, a reality-checking face-off between your ruler, unbridled Mars, in your social sector and capricious Uranus in your money house can bring buried resentments to the surface. This is the third and final in a trio of three Mars-Uranus squares this year, and it could exhume issues you were hoping not to have to deal with. (The previous clashes came on May 16 and August 2—that second time, Mars was retrograde, and this time around, Uranus is the one in reverse, suggesting this isn’t a new topic.) You love your squad, but you have to be honest—with yourself—about a few things. For starters, do you feel like you’re trying to keep up with the Joneses when you do go out? There’s no shame to having and sticking to a budget. If these folks are either higher earners or bigger spenders than you, you might need to do more selective things with them. Or is one of them a notorious check dodger? (You know, the type who ducks off to the loo just before the bill comes, or never has even cash to cover their share?) So before the next exorbitant group hang, consider whether it’s actually worth the cost.shutterstock_1672966528


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