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Biplab confident of Tripura BJP securing bigger win in 2023

On Saturday, Former Chief Minister and current Rajya Sabha MP Biplab Kumar Deb claimed that the next 7-8 days would decide the performance of BJP in the upcoming assembly elections.

He also hinted at a fresh political equation by stating that the demand of TIPRA would be impossible to get fulfilled without the BJP.
Biplab Deb said, “The BJP is in power in the Centre. Therefore, they (TIPRA) have to place the demand before the Central government”.

He claimed that neither Congress nor CPIM is in a position to offer anything to TIPRA.
Deb added that BJP is technically the only party that can fulfill certain demands of TIPRA.
Biplab Kumar Deb said, “Next 7-8 days are very crucial for the political dynamics of Tripura. The performance of BJP in the 2023 election depends on it.”

He added that if the strategy fits right as expected, BJP would get 60 out of 60 seats successfully. Otherwise, the tally of BJP would become 40, 45 or 50 from existing 34 seats in the 60-member assembly seat in Tripura.

The former Chief Minister also said that decisions regarding the selection of contesting candidates in polls are taken by the parliamentary board of the party while he was asked whether he would contest in the 2023 polls or not.


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