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Watch for a cameo appearance of the green-eyed monster (and his other nefarious friends) on Tuesday, September 18. That day marks 2018’s third and final Mars-Uranus square and could send shockwaves through your social circles or an intimate relationship—or leave you unsure who’s true-blue in your crew. Prior to this, the previous face-offs fell on May 16 and August 2—in August, Mars was retrograde, and this time, Uranus is the one in reverse, suggesting you may have already dealt with a related issue. Fortunately, you won’t have to ditch anyone…just maybe be a bit more cognizant of who’s truly got your back and who may be a fair-weather friend (or fiend!). With passionate Mars heating up your zone of intense emotions, and disruptor Uranus throwing curveballs in your community corner, you may need to observe and reflect—but avoid taking rash action early this week. Everyone may be on edge, which is the exact WRONG time to try to figure out what’s what. If anything, you might want to flap your social butterfly wings and hang with a different crew or check out an organization you’ve been hearing about. cancer


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