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CPM calls for ouster of BJP from power

On Sunday, CPIM state secretary Jitendra Chowdhury called for ousting the BJP-led government in the upcoming assembly elections in Tripura.

While addressing a rally of CITU, the trade union wing of CPIM, Chowdhury alleged that the government has deceived people with false promises and lies and failed on all areas.

He added that BJP has turned Tripura into a backward state and snatched away the smiles of the common people.

Chowdhury claimed that Tripura’s economy flourished with good work opportunities during the Left-Front government.

He added that the left government had given jobs to qualified people when it was in power till last month.

Chowdhury alleged, “Soon after assuming power BJP established a reign of terror and corruption. Saffron leaders looted and diverted the development funds to their pockets”.

He called the people to unite in a struggle against the ‘anti-people BJP to safeguard the interests of all sections of people.

Former Chief Minister and CPIM politburo member Manik Sarkar called people to prepare for a political fight to save Tripura.


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