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Education Minister inaugurates girl’s hostel at Taidu HS School

The government has given priority to the expansion of quality education in Tripura.
The government has taken various steps regarding the overall development of the education system.

Education Minister Ratanlal Nath said this while inaugurating the girls hostel at Taidu 12th standard school on Friday.

MLA Ranjit Das, MLA Sindhu Kumar Jamatia, Amarpur Sub-District Magistrate Asit Kumar Das, Gomati District Additional District Magistrate Pankaj Chakraborty, District Education Officer Laxman Chandra Das and many others were present in the inauguration ceremony of the girls hostel.

MDC Shibsenliang Kaipeng presided over the opening ceremony.
The Education Minister said that NCERT courses have already been introduced from class I to class XII to develop quality education in Tripura.

The Vidyajyoti scheme has been launched in 100 schools of Tripura.
Besides, 135 vocational education programs and Super 30 schemes have been launched in the state.

The Education Minister also said that Lets Go School scheme has been launched to bring back students who have dropped out of school under the new education policy.


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