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Fishery Minister visits development projects at Teliamura Sub Division

Scheduled Caste Welfare, Fishery Development Minister Sudhanshu Das yesterday visited various development works in Teliamura and Kalyanpur.

First, he visited Kalyanpur 12th standard school, a 100-bed hostel for Scheduled caste girls, Kalyanpur Animal Hospital. He also visited Milk Cooling Center and Department office in Kalyanpur.

Scheduled Caste Welfare Minister Sudhanshu Das visited the Cattle Farm at the house of Mr Chowdhury in Jagannathbari Village Panchayat in Teliamura, the fish farm of the Fishery Supervisor’s office at Chakmaghat, and the hostel of Scheduled Caste community girls of Teliamura 12th standard school.

After inspecting the development projects, the Fisheries Minister told reporters that he has visited Kalyanpur and Teliamura to see whether these development projects are being implemented properly while maintaining quality.


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