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If a party does not have the courage to fight for the people then why contest and then back out at the last moment leaving their own loyal workers to suffer ?: pradyot Kishore

Pradyot Kishore Manikya Debbarman, former chairman of Tripura’s ruling TIPRA Motha Party in TTAADC has criticized the CPIM.
He accuses them of neglecting their workers and supporters when facing electoral challenges.

Debbarman on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter) said, “We faced rigging during the ADC election. I was personally attacked in Mohanpur, but Tipra did not back down. The result: we won.”

He drew his past experiences by recalling his time as the Congress president in 2019 when they faced attacks but remained resilient, significantly increasing their share of votes.
Pradyot also mentioned Sudip’s victory in a by-election and the Trinamool Congress’s strong performance in the Agartala Municipal Election as examples of political resilience.
He stated that victory, fear, and strength depend on one’s mindset, and determination as well as said that complaining is not the solution.

Debbarma expressed concern about the party that once ruled Tripura for 25 years, indicating the need for a renewed commitment to their supporters and workers.

He questioned the commitment of political parties, wondering why some contest elections only to withdraw at the last moment, leaving their loyal supporters to suffer.

He defended TIPRA Motha’s stance on indigenous people’s rights and argued against any false accusations regarding financial support.

Debbarman concluded, “Who gave up, and which party still continues to stand up for our survival and existence? But no one will answer this because we, the native people, are considered ‘Junglee’ by many so-called intellectuals.”


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