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NEP aims to transform India’s education system and restore cultural legacy: CM

Agartala, June 12: Tripura’s Chief Minister, Prof. Dr. Manik Saha, on Friday said that the implementation of the ‘National Education Policy’ (NEP) will bring a revolutionary transformation in India’s education system.

He emphasized that this change will restore the country’s previous culture, attracting students from foreign nations to study here.
The Chief Minister today inaugurates the implementation of National Education Policy in the Higher Education department in Tripura at Agartala Town Hall.

“We now have numerous universities, including the upcoming Buddha University in our state. Another private university has also been established in the North district. We have various universities such as a skill university, law university, Sanskrit university, and forensic university. Essentially, Tripura is gradually emerging as an education hub. Prime Minister Narendra Modi aims to empower knowledgeable individuals to lead the country. Without knowledge, nothing is impossible,” said the Chief Minister.

Regarding the National Education Policy, the CM stated, “We have incorporated a new provision in the National Education Policy that focuses on India’s art, culture, and traditions. The Vice-Chancellors and professors have held discussions with officials in Delhi to address the challenges faced during the policy’s implementation. Initial stages of implementation often encounter difficulties. I am confident that the National Education Policy, which has a target of 2030, will yield positive outcomes. Initially, we may encounter some challenges, but they will be resolved.”
CM Dr. Saha mentioned that in the past, Tripura students had to adapt to a particular set of guidelines for education, and when they transitioned to the national level, they faced difficulties that required extra effort.

“However, due to the National Education Policy, the education system across the country will be standardized, ensuring that students do not face any issues. We now take pride in our children studying in the USA and other countries. Nonetheless, there was a time when the entire world used to come to India to study at renowned institutions like Nalanda and Takshila. The National Education Policy aims to rekindle that tradition and restore our country’s cultural legacy, thereby attracting students from foreign nations to pursue their studies here,” added the CM.


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