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Step into the Mysteries of Tripura in ‘REVERSE’ – An Enigmatic and Captivating Thriller/Drama That Blurs Reality and Illusion Created by the bunch of talented and dedicated artists

“REVERSE” is an enigmatic and captivating thriller that immerses viewers in a world where reality and illusion intertwine. Set against the backdrop of Tripura, India, this film brings together a talented cast and a visionary filmmaker to deliver an unforgettable cinematic experience.

Shilpa Roy, a versatile actress hailing from Tripura, takes on the lead role, breathing life into the complex character with her remarkable talent and natural screen presence. Shilpa’s portrayal is sure to leave a lasting impact, drawing audiences into the mysterious narrative with her mesmerizing performance.

Opposite Shilpa, Vijay Goswami, a multi-talented actor and theater artist from Tripura, showcases his versatility by delving into a role that defies expectations. With his deep understanding of storytelling and impeccable comedic timing, Vijay brings an added layer of depth to his character, surpassing the director’s expectations and leaving audiences in awe.

Pritam Roy, a Kolkata-based theater actor and emerging filmmaker, adds an air of intrigue to the film with his portrayal of a cop. Pritam masterfully guides the audience through a labyrinth of emotions, his performance taking unexpected twists and turns that challenge perceptions and keep viewers guessing until the very end. Pritam’s skill as both an actor and director shines through, as he flawlessly embodies the mysterious character that never truly existed.

Behind the camera, Anupam Goswami, an accomplished filmmaker, assumes the roles of DOP and editor, showcasing his unparalleled expertise. With his keen eye for visual storytelling, Anupam skillfully crafts each frame, capturing the essence of the characters and immersing viewers in the film’s atmospheric world. Additionally, his exceptional talent as a composer shines through in the film’s evocative background music, further enhancing the tension and suspense.

In “REVERSE,” secrets lurk in every shadow, and the line between reality and illusion blurs. As the story unfolds, viewers will be drawn into a web of mystery and deception, where nothing is as it seems. With a cast of exceptional performers and a visionary filmmaker at the helm, the film promises to captivate audiences, leaving them on the edge of their seats and craving more.

Prepare to be enthralled as “REVERSE” takes you on a thrilling journey through the enigmatic landscapes of Tripura, where the performances of Shilpa Roy, Vijay Goswami, and Pritam Roy intertwine, and the artistry of Anupam Goswami mesmerizes. This suspenseful and thought-provoking film invites you to embrace the unknown, challenging your perceptions and igniting your imagination.

Experience the power of storytelling and the mastery of the craft in “REVERSE” as it weaves its intricate tale, leaving you intrigued, captivated, and yearning for answers.


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