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The Accidental Prime Minister controversy: Manmohan Singh evades question, Congress alleges BJP conspiracy

The Accidental Prime Minister

The trailer of the much-talked film ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’ has sparked a political controversy with Congress alleging it to be a conspiracy by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and accusing it of distorting facts. Speaking to news agency ANI, Congress leader PM Punia said that it is just a diversionary tactic by the BJP ahead of general elections.

This is a BJP game, they know 5 years are about to complete and they have nothing to show to the people so they are using these tactics to divert attention,” he said when asked about BJP tweeting the film’s trailer which was released on Thursday.

The trailer of the political drama shows former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as a victim of Congress’ internal politics. The film is based on Sanjay Baru’s famous book ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’ which was released in April 2014. Baru was Manmohan Singh’s media advisor between May 2004 and August 2008.

Meanwhile, when Singh was asked to comment about the trailer of the film, he evaded the question. Today is the foundation day of Congress. When Singh reached the party office to attend the celebrations, reporters sought his opinion on the upcoming film but Singh ducked the question.
Maharashtra, the Youth Congress has demanded that the film be screened to them before its release. It has written to the makers of The Accidental PrimeMinister asking to show them the movie before release and if some scenes are found unfactual, they should be deleted else, Youth Congress will not let the movie be screened anywhere in the country.


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