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Tripura High Court Judgeship: Supreme Court Collegium Recommends Two Judicial Officers

On October 10, the Supreme Court Collegium recommended the elevation of two judicial officers, Biswajit Palit and Sabyasachi Datta Purkayastha, to serve as judges in the Tripura High Court.

In an official statement posted online, the Collegium mentioned that these two officers were deemed appropriate for the role.

The resolution stated, “While reviewing the proposal, we have noted that this proposal includes the non-recommendation of senior judicial officers. Valid reasons are documented for not endorsing these senior officers, and we concure with the High Court Collegium’s decision to abstain from recommending them.”
This resolution follows the High Court Collegium’s endorsement of the names of judicial officers Palit and Purkayastha in December 2021.

Consequently, the proposals were sent to the Supreme Court Collegium without waiting for their input.

After consulting with judges who are well-informed about the Tripura High Court and taking into account feedback from the Central government, the Supreme Court Collegium has now proposed the appointment of these judicial officers as judges in the Tripura High Court.

Biswajit Palit presently serves as the Legal Remembrancer and Law Secretary within the State government, while Sabyasachi Datta Purkayastha holds the position of Director at the Tripura Judicial Academy.

The Supreme Court Collegium revealed that one of the consulted judges suggested that Purkayastha’s elevation might be considered at a later time. Additionally, another consulted judge did not offer any opinion on the matter.
Nevertheless, both judicial officers have received a recommendation for their appointment as judges in the Tripura High Court, taking into account the absence of any negative reports regarding either of them.


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