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az_img_horoscope_capricornIn a rare display of impulsivity, you might be tempted to say or do—or buy—something that may not be in your best interests on Tuesday, September 18. That day brings the third and final square between rash Mars in your financial sector and wild card Uranus in your dramatic fifth house. The previous flare-ups were on May 16 and August 2—the second time, Mars was retrograde, but this time, Uranus is in reverse, suggesting you might not even see this coming. So be proactive by keeping a tighter grip on your wallet, and maybe waiting until the weekend to frequent your favorite boutiques, both online and brick and mortar. While a(nother) fall jacket or pair of pricey boots might be an unnecessary extravagance, a well-researched and affordable wardrobe staple could be a smart investment. Of course, the best way to get a healthy ROI is to make actual, sound cash allocations to your retirement fund. As your long-sighted sign knows, the name of the savings game is compounded interest, which comes from investments such as a mutual fund or a Roth or SEP IRA. While this twitchy cosmic clash can give you itchy feet, on the upside, it could inspire an innovative move, like funneling some money into a new tech IPO, crypto-currency or another cutting edge venture—after copious research of course! If nothing else, start exploring the possibilities. But during this one-day transit avoid even the prospect of money weirdness with a love interest by not borrowing, lending or even commenting on their spending habits.


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