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az_img_horoscope_aquariusYou may feel torn between taking decisive action for yourself and making a sacrifice to accommodate someone from your inner circle this Tuesday, September 18. But hang on a second: WHY, exactly, are you considering shape-shifting? With focused and forceful Mars in your sign in a twisted mashup with your co-ruler, wild card Uranus, in your domestic fourth house, someone may try to guilt-trip you into something you really don’t want to do. Before you act, stop and look back at what was going on during the previous two Mars-Uranus squares, on May 16 and August 2. This could be the “conclusion” to events triggered then. In August, Mars was retrograde, and this time around, Uranus is in reverse, suggesting that another party may not be transparent. During this tension-raising clash, your fuse will be short, and you could be highly reactive. How can you clearly communicate your position while putting some boundaries in place? Keep coming back to YOUR desires, Water Bearer, and do a reality-checking assessment of the situation.


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