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Tripura CPI(M) seeks ‘digital contributions’, offers QR code to supporters

Centering the 2023 assembly election, CPIM started collecting funds through digital techniques.

Various accounts were opened in the CPIM state party office on Thursday, which were highlighted in a press conference.

CPIM had collected many kinds of subscriptions and donations from all parts of society for their organisational operations and personal benefits when the CPIM government was in power.

Such activities made the public angry and devastated, which caused the fall of CPIM government in 2018 Tripura assembly election.
However, the CPIM did not change its nature and yet again walked in the path of subscription collection.

On Thursday, CPIM leaders launched a digital account with QR code in its Agartala party office. CPIM state secretary Jitendra Chowdhury highlighted the matter to media and said that the account has been opened for collecting election funds.

He added that in the current era of internet, CPIM adopted the digital method of cash transactions.
Jitendra Chowdhury further said that the name of the account is Tripura State Committee CPIM with account number 41383581719 which is opened in the SBI Agartala branch.
He added if anyone wants to send money they can send money through UPI ID or by scanning the QR code of the account.


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