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An unrecognised body of a woman discovered in Dimsagar lake of Agartala

A woman’s body is rescued from Dimsagar near Haradhan Sangha in Agartala.

The incident has caused a stir in the area.
On Friday morning, people in the area near Dimsagar saw the body of a woman floating in the lake.

They informed the West Police Station immediately after seeing this scene
Police led by Officer-in-charge Subrata Chakraborty rushed to the spot after receiving the news.

Police spotted a cloth in a railing in Dimsagar and a bag lying on the side of the road. That bag also has shoes.

The body of women aged over 50 were recovered and taken to hospital. Police have not yet identified the woman’s name.

Meanwhile, the CPIM has demanded a proper investigation of the incident to reveal the mystery.

A CPIM representative went to the West Police Station on Friday and highlighted the demand to OC Subrata Chakraborty.


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