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az_img_horoscope_piscesTuesday, September 18, marks the final of the trio of Mars-Uranus squares that have shaken things up in certain relationships—and in your psyche! Agitator Mars first blasted into your twelfth house of introspection and intuition in mid-May and spent seven weeks spinning backward and dredging up some deep feelings and old wounds. The first clash with cosmic trickster Uranus arrived May 16, with an encore on August 2 while Mars was retrograde. This time around, Uranus is the one in reverse, suggesting that the roots of this situation may be found around those dates. If you’ve been feuding with a pal, sibling or neighbor, things might come to head this week. Try not to say anything too provocative in the heat of the moment. Do whatever it takes to keep your cool: Count to ten or call a timeout and revisit this later. If someone did something hurtful to you, decide whether the friendship is worthy of salvaging or whether the other person is so self-absorbed or oblivious that nothing is likely to move the needle. If it’s the latter, write a note of closure but don’t send it—delete it and move on.


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