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CPIM & Congress jointly forms “Secular Democratic Forces”

Congress and Left Front parties jointly formed “Secular Democratic Forces” on Thursday, as the election schedule is already declared.

They appealed all anti-BJP political parties to unite together to oust from the power. A meeting was held at the official residence of Congress MLA Sudip Roy Barman on Thursday where Tripura CPIM secretary Jitendra Chaudhary, Left Front convenor Narayan Kar, Pradesh Congress president Birajit Sinha and Asish Kumar Saha were present.

At the Agartala Press Club in a press conference, Congress MLA Roy Barman said that BJP government’s anti-people activities have forced all opposition political parties to unite and fight the election to remove the saffron party from power.

He added that people could not exercise their democratic rights in any election that took place in the state after formation of the BJP government.

He alleged that BJP sponsored hooligans are openly challenging the Election Commission by carrying out violence and several attacks across the state after the announcement of the election dates.

CPIM state secretary Chaudhury said “ The CEO has initiated ‘Zero Poll Violence’ which recognizes that people were restricted to cast their votes in the elections took place in last five years in this state.”

He added that all political parties of Tripura reiterated for free and fair election in the meeting with the ECI delegation.

The “Secular Democratic Forces” is going to send a deputation to the Chief Electoral Officer Kiran Gitte on January 21 regarding various violence and attacks taking place on opposition political parties across Tripura.


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